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Enhance Quality

Detection technology using intelligent information analysis technology

Safety and Efficiency

Use autonomous drone
flying technology


Easily detect the parts that are difficult to identify with naked eyes

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Construction Quality Inspection Solution

ViewMagine is the first in Korea to combine self-flying drones and AI Vision technology to provide safety and quality inspection solutions for construction sites. Working at height in residential high-rise buildings is dangerous and there is a possibility of human error due to naked-eye inspections. Highrise quality inspection usually takes about two weeks with 50 inspectors. However, through our solution, the work can be completed within half a day. ViewMagine can overcome the dangers through drones and the limitations of naked-eye inspection with AI automatic defect analysis technology.

Inspection Costs
reduce by
Inspection Hours
reduce by
Detection Accuracy

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DoYeop Kim

- PhD in Business, International University of Monaco
- IKEA Korea Gov/Audit Manager
- 10 years in United Nations Security Expert
- Deployed in fmr. Yugoslavia, Iraq, East-Timore, Mali, Netherlands and more
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